Reaching Out to the Real India


As modern medical care is becoming increasingly resource intensive, expensive and technology dependent, and with super specialty services and expertise concentrated in metro cities, what would become of large sections of our people in the smaller cities and towns? Can they ever dream of having effective, humane and affordable super specialty care at their doorsteps?

Nayati strikes at the root of this question of accessibility of healthcare for the millions in the real India that lives in the smaller cities and towns. It is making a sincere commitment to be a part of the solution. Our first facility in Mathura brings multi super specialty care within the reach of a vast region of underserved population. Nayati Healthcare is determined to translate this concept into reality across several regions of the country. Recognizing the need to bring advanced technology and clinical expertise together, we have taken steps to choose both with utmost care. We have on board, and are on the lookout for outstanding clinicians with exemplary track record to lead and develop teams for excellence in practice, education and research.

To empower the clinician we have put together technology that would enable early and accurate diagnosis and precision in treatment. For all caregivers including nurses, technicians and paramedics who would build their careers with us, we offer an institutional ethos that would nurture individual growth and foster team spirit. While the need spurs us towards excellence in outcomes and care, we promise to always judge ourselves by global standards that are grounded in evidence-based medicine and cost effective care.

It is our motto to ensure patient safety and optimal cost, through clinical excellence combined with judicious use of diagnostics and interventions. We are also committed to compassionate care as reflected in sensitivity and responsiveness to patients and their families. For us patient and family satisfaction are paramount. Comprehensive hospital information systems have been put in place for real time monitoring and implementation of processes and protocols. Nayati Healthcare pledges to uphold the spirit of being action oriented and innovative, guided by compassion and uncompromising ethical values.