Bridging the Gap, by taking Specialty Care to the Grassroots

Nayati Healthcare & Research Pvt. Ltd. is India’s first Multi Super Specialty healthcare chain starting operations in Tier-II & Tier-III cities to offer premium tertiary care. Our objective is to bring world class quality healthcare to these cities and neighbouring towns.

Very Poor Access to Quality Healthcare in Tier-II and Tier-III Cities

Smaller cities and towns have an under developed healthcare infrastructure, with negligible access to quality and world class healthcare. Patients have to travel long distances for accessing even basic medical facilities and they have to navigate through few districts for accessing specialty care and trauma care. Travelling long distances can be very traumatic and at times just not possible because of the critical condition of the patient. The journey and stay can take a toll on the patient and the entire family not just physically but mentally and financially as well.

Indian Healthcare is Lagging Behind when Compared to the Rest of the World

India’s healthcare sector is severely lagging behind when compared to other developed countries in the world, and is in desperate need of restructuring and investment. In India, over 70% of the population has access to just 20% of the healthcare infrastructure, and we rank 112th in the world as per the WHO standards. Over 7000 patients from all over India, visit India’s premier healthcare institution in the capital everyday, which is way beyond the in-flow it can handle. A reflection of the sparse and thin healthcare system today is that you can get a pizza delivered faster to your home than an ambulance. Of all the hospital beds available in the country, barely half are functional. India, today has one of the lowest per capita beds in the world, ranking even lower than countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Critical Care sector is the worst hit with just about 320 Intensive Care Units registered in the country.

Increasing Incidences of Lifestyle Diseases

Sedentary lifestyle, resulting in lifestyle related diseases is taking a toll on modern India. And there is just not adequate healthcare infrastructure to control and treat these growing diseases.

  • India has become the Cancer capital of the world with 94 patients out of every lakh being detected with some form of cancer.
  • 5% of the total population of India is affected by Coronary Heart Disease.
  • 25% of population succumbs to Trauma accidents.
  • 15% of India is affected by Arthritis and 39% by Osteoarthritis.
  • One in every 50 Indians is affected by Neuro Disorders.
  • 4.5% of the population is affected by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  • 8 million suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease.

Arogyamev Jayate

Agogyamev Jayate is a chant, a message that resonates with zeal of compassion, care for humanity; it’s a heartfelt prayer for universal wellness.

Arogyamev Jayate expresses the philosophy of ‘may wellness prevail” for everyone. It’s the mantra that drives Nayati’s network of super specialty hospitals in tier two and tier three cities, providing state of the art treatment for 70% of India that lives beyond the metros and urban areas.

Nayati’s mission is to bring advanced healthcare treatment within easy reach of every Indian. The anthem ‘Arogyamev Jayate’ gives a musical expression to this promise, serving as guide and inspiration for all of us at Nayati.

Healthcare no more lives in Metros

Life is like a river, constantly moving and meandering with the waves of time. These waves keeps changing the course of live and as they do, it becomes essential for our being to undergo a change, a transformation to keep the flow of life alive. Health and wellness are two pivotal aspects of life and in our country these are the two aspects that are in dire need of an extraordinary transformation.

Nayati Healthcare was envisioned with this aim, with the thought of bringing a positive transformation in the healthcare services available to the masses living in tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India. It is our true belief that world class healing should not begin and end at the borders of metropolitan cities.