Awareness session “How to avoid orthopedic problem/doctor?” at Inner wheel club meeting

27 April, 2017

An awareness session was conducted for the members of Inner Wheel Club at Mathura. The session was conducted in the conference hall of hotel Heera invitation on 15th Nov. 2016. Nayati team including Dr. Aman Goyal, Mr. Vivek Dave, Mr Navneet Singh and Ankush reached the venue of awareness session on time and made the arrangements. All the members of Inner Wheel Club were present there. Mrs. Rashmi Bhargava (President – Club) and Mrs. Lata goyal welcomed the Nayati team with warm hearts.

Dr. Aman Goyal took session for the members on “how to avoid orthopedic problem/doctor?”. The session focused on the basic problem of middle and old age regarding bones and joint pains. Dr. Aman said that most of the problems occur due to inappropriate postures and household works which should be avoided in middle age. He focused on knee pain, waist pain, wrist pain, neck pain and back pain. He also suggested the corrective measures for all the kinds of joint pains. Members of the club raised many questions regarding joint pains and Dr. Aman cleared all the myths and misconceptions. A total of 40 members were present during the awareness session.

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