Choumuha & Chhata

13 June, 2017

On 13th of June, Dr. Naveen Agnihotri (Sr.Consultant & HOD- Blood Transfusion Medicine) and Shaziya had visited CHC Choumuha and CHC Chhata. Dr. Naveen Agnihotri want to visit some government hospital like CHC, PHC or any other health facilities for check up of their routine work in the hospital. It has also included lab services, OT, Blood storage unit etc.

First, we have visted Choumuha CHC and met with Block Program Manager, Mr. Gourav Singh. MOIc Choumuha has not available in that day. He has coordinated with us and has managed our visit in their CHC. There was an active lab with two lab technician. One has Mr. Singh and another is Mr. Sharma. In CHC Choumuha, there is not all lab test have conducted in their health institutions only few tests have done because of lack of training, lack of manpower, no logistic support from administration level of chc and no trained staff for pathology. Dr. Naveen had discussd with lab technician and knows about how to they work properly. In chc Choumuha, one lab tachnician under (VBDCP) and another technician is under from RNTCP program. There is no Blood transfusion facilities are available here. 

After this visit we have reached Chhata CHC and met with MOIc Dr. Dhaniram Singh. Dr. Dhaniram Singh has become MOIc, before 4 to 5 months and he has managed all the programs very well. But there are no active lab facilities here. Only Hb, Malaria (Card), Sputam test has done. Lab technician Mr. Chandrashekhar (LT-DOT) has no trained for conducting other test. He is no capable for conducting other test. In Chhata CHC there is no Blood transfusion facilities are available. 

CHC Chhata &Choumuha Visit on 14th June 2017@Dr.Naveen Agnihotri

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