Participant Profile:


Participants for the workshop were included the CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) patients which were came from different places i.e. Agra, Dholpur, Delhi, Hathras, and included Mathura also. Workshop was inaugurated with lighting by Dr. P.B. Singh, Dr. T.S. Kuckrejja, Dr. Krishna Mohan Sahu, and Dr. Dharmendra Kamla, Mr. Sarna and with presence of Mr. Chandan Pandey (FSO, Mathura Administration).

Name of the Resource Persons: –

S. No. Name of the Resource Persons Designation
1 Dr. Krishan Mohan Sahu Director (Nephrology & Kidney Transplant), Nayati Medicity
2 Dr. Dharmendra Kamla Psychiatric Department , Nayati Medicity
3 Mr. Chandan Pandey Food and Safety Officer, Administration, Mathura
4 Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Yoga and Wellness Dept. Nayati Medicity

Topics / Sessions Covered During the Workshop: –

S. NO. Session Details
1. Session: I Overview on Kidney Care – Functions, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
2. Session: II Psychological reactions and Mental illness in CKD
3. Session- Food Optimization for Kidney Patients
4. Session-V Yoga and Health for Kidney Patients



CKD patients were gathered at Basement hall in Nayati Medicity, Mathura attend the workshop under Chronic Kindney Diseas organised by Outreach Department and technically facilitated by Clinical Department. The major purpose of the workshop was to introduce CKD patients to major cause and treatment of Kidney diseas including dialysis. With this workshop to make them understand about their problems, priorities, dialysis and transplant.
Objectives of Workshop:
• To introduce the CKD patients about functions of kidney, symptoms, failure, causes and dialysis in to make them understand about the CKD and intervention of food and wellness to control the Sugar, BP and other micronutrients.
• To make them introduced with their roles and responsibilities in the own health, diet.
• To let them aware about the dialysis and transplant.

Technical Sessions

Dr. Krishan Mohan Sahu, (Director of Nephrology and Transplant) has tekan session on various contant about functions of kidney, Symtoms of kidney failure, Causes of kidney failure, Treatment of kidney failure, Peritoneal Dialysis, Dialysis vs Treatment, Hemodialysis at Nayati, Hemodialysis infrastructure, Dialysis protocol, Hemodialysis – disadvantages & inconveniences, Minimize the water & dialysis, Fluid requirement & WAK trials, Bio-Artificial Implantable Kidney (BAIK) and its features, Stem cell treatment and the last he explained the kidney care at nayati Medicity, Mathura.


Dr. Dharmendra Kamla has taken session on Stress management of Chronic Kidney Disease patients. He has included all the content of Psychological illness problems and their side effect on patient’s behavior. He also describe behavior problem and also suffered from Depression from patient’s family members.


Mr. Chandan Pandey has taken session on Food, Nutrition and Micronutrients. He has started his session by giving a brief situational analysis of CKD patients and his diet. He also discussed impotant health issue exist in the community among all the kidney patients into the consideration.
He also explained about the choose and prepare food with less salt and sodium. In their next slide he explain about eat the right amount of protein and the right types of protein. He explain the major causes and the natural micronutrients rich dietary sources like green leafy vegetables, Broccoli, sprouts & pulses.


This session was taken by Yogacharya Mr. Ashutosh Kumar under his Yoga and Wellness department. Ashutosh Ji’s yoga session thrilled all patients; he demonstrated all the essential exercise which could benefit CKD patients. Patients also imitated the same; even after workshop they learned many Yoga Asan from Ashutosh.

Overview of Chronic Kidney Disease Workshop:
There was heart to heart discussion in CKD’s patient’s workshop and effective and awe-inspiring presentation by our doctors. Secondary patients who were getting treatment in me from different hospitals came from Agra, New Delhi, Dholpur and Mathura & Vrindavan. This workshop was very effective and useful for all those who has taken treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Key interventions of the program –
• Formative communication campaign
• Workshop of all the CKD patients including their attender & family members.
• Stablishment of two way communication mechanism.
• For process documentation
• Reach to different places and Districts.
• Raise community awareness and participation to maximize long-term impact by organizing internal meetings and workshop with patients, beneficiaries and other social reformer for the counseling of community about CKD and its effects.
• Doing Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) mechanism from this workshop which will definitely useful and profitable in future context.
• Social / Community Mobilisation for sensitizing the community members to accept and participate in health interventions put in place to control and awareness for this type of diseases.

At the last of this workshop patients have inquired many questions regarding their diet and water consumption for the patients. Some questions I am high lighting i.e. –

1. What is ideal diet for dialysis patients?
2. Which dialysis is good for health? Hemodialysis or Peritoneum?
3. Which food is good for CKD patients and which food has belonged to Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus?

Annexure 01 – Agenda of the workshop

Agenda & Schedule for 19th June health talk for CKD beneficiaries


Topic/ Particular Facilitator Timing Remark
Registration & welcome of participants Navneet/Shaziya 3.00 to 3.10 Personally welcome all audience & facilitate them
Inauguration & lightning the lamp Ms Vani Ganpathi 3.10 to 3.15 Invite all the chief guest for lightning the lamp
Presentation of bouquet to chief guest & Session takers Ms Vani Ganpathi 3.15 to 3.25 By inviting all giver & taker for Bouquet ceremony
A session by Department head, which include the best feature of hospital with other technical aspects Dr. K.M. Sahu 3.25 to 3.45 PPT presentation pictorial+ text with few success story, cost effectiveness without compromising quality and followed by few question and Answer
A session by psychiatry department for the benefit for CKD beneficiaries Dr. Dharmendra 3.45 to 4.00 PM PPT related to psychiatry aspects which will be beneficial for the patient
Yoga exercise for the benefit of CKD beneficiaries Mr. Ashutosh 4.00 to 4.15 P.M Demonstration of few Yoga exercise for the benefit of patient
Expertise presentation on Recommended food for such type of patient Mr. Pandey DO IN FDA 4.15 to 4.25 PPT presentation
Extempore by chief guest Chief guest 4.25 to 4.30 N/A
Vote of thanks Vivek Dave 4.30 to 4.40 Taking feedback from participants and express gratitude to participants for attending this event.
High tea Nirbhay 4.40 to Till end N/A

Some Glimpses of the Workshop

Annexure 02 – Press Release of the CKD workshop