Free health check-up camp at FATEHA

07 April, 2017

On 07th April we organised a successful camp for Panchayat community at Fateha Panchayat including one of village Hathawali with cooperation of Panchayat Pradhan Mr. Rajkumar Singh. Hathawali Panchayat Pradhan has shown interest to conduct camp in their locality for the benefit of their own community. Mr. Rajkumar and Mr. Yadav (School Principal) were participated very actively in this camp. Before organising this camp he spread Information in the community. He also published news about camp in print media regarding camp organising in their village. All the logistic arrangement and publicity and disseminated the information about camp to the beneficiaries for turning up in this camp was done by Pradhan Shri Rajkumar Singh. He requested for the specialists of GIS, Orthopaedics, Paediatrician, General Physician and Oncologist to take part in camp from our hospital. After organised camp he again published news about success of camp in the Farah village. There are total 133 beneficiaries have benefited in this camp. Mr. Rajkumar, Pradhan of Fateha Panchayat appreciated our Dr’s Team with Outreach management team and Nayati Hospital’s super services which we have given in the hospital and community also.

Dr. Sourabh (Orthopaedics), Dr. Gourav (GIS), Dr. Sourabh (Paediatricians), , Dr. Zubair Khan (Oncologist) and Dr. Jitendra Tyagi (Gen. Physician) with Mr. Ashutosh (Yogacharya) & Mr. Koushik (Financial Advisor) partook in this camp very patiently and have given consultation to every patient warmly. All the beneficiaries were very happy with the doctors and out outreach team for the camp. Till end of this camp 133 beneficiary turned up for consultation whose basic vitals (Height, Weight and BP), RBS, Onco Screening, Yoga & Health and Financial Advising was done. 

Fateha Panchayat including Hathawali village have total 8000 population with some percent of affordability. Fateha is near about 20 KM from Nayati Medicity. In this camp first time Mr. Ashutosh (Yogacharya) gave their services free for the community people. Many of the people have benefited from Yoga Asan even they were doing some Asan and exercise with Yogacharya. This is first time we utilised services of Financial advisor (Mr. Koushik) to convince to targeted the beneficiaries and also Ashutosh’s expertise in Yoga will be integral part oour each camps

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