05 January, 2017

Nayati Healthcare & Research Pvt. Ltd. (Mathura)



• Mr. B.P. Singh (Commandant 16 Bn.) 

• Mr. K.D Sharma ( 2nd In charge 16 Bn.)

• Mr. Rameshwar (Deputy Commandant)

• Dr. Srot Gupta (Medical Officer, 16 Bn.)


• Dr. Jyoti Goyal (HOD – Internal Medicine)

• Dr. Aman Goyal (Orthopedics)

• Ms. Vani Ganpathi (Psychiatrist)

• Mr. Raj Singh (Marketing and TPA)

• Shaziya Sheikh (Program Manager – O.R)

• Mr. Navneet Singh (Prog. Coordinator- O.R)


• To create awareness among Commandant 16 Battalion CRPF, Cantt, Mathura and all soldiers of the battalion also reach awareness among their families.

• To sensitization among Commandant and their staff and Medical Officer about Nayati Hospital & Research Pvt. Ltd health services and there social welfare activities with coordination of outreach department.

We reached 16 Battalion CRPF, Cantt, Mathura District Mathura at sharp 10.30 am with all team member of Nayati hospital. Our specialist Drs Team and outreach team conducted a health talk at CRPF, Mathura. Before starting session by Dr’s, Mr. K.D. Sharma (Commandant – 2nd in charge) gave brief introduction about Nayati hospital and their specialities. There were approx 50 Jawan (Soldiers) were present in the talk. He also gave short introduction about medical insurance terms and their benefit to us and our family members also. 

First session was conducted by Dr. Jyoti Goyal (HOD- Internal Medicine), she discussed about, what we can do during any emergency situation like cardiac arrest or any other accidental situation. Dr Jyoti s presentation was based on preventive care and cardiovascular disease; she also focused on topic of smoking, drugs and drinking, BP and what are the risk factors (modifiable) of human being. 

Second session taken by Ms. Vani Ganpathi (Psychiatrist), she also has focused on stress management in any difficult situations on any person’s life. She also focused on what we can do when we see a very crude situation or fight or anxiety in family, personal or professional life’s problems. Ms. Vani Ganpathi orient how to express your internal emotion’s and stress also, why should it’s necessary for all for their smooth and stress less life and for family also. 

Last session conducted by Dr. Aman Goyal. He focused on subject of Basic First Aid during any accident or fight or war. He talked and demonstrated some live examples about bone fracture and the time of blood loses. Soldiers also have enquired about the empanelment with us health check up packages and insurance of our hospital and are willing to turn up in future. Mr. Raj Singh contributed to introduce us for this event. At the end of the all sessions Mr. B.P. Singh, Commandant 16 Battalion gave vote of thanks to our all team members and Nayati hospital. 

The camp was managed by Shaziya Sheikh and coordinated by Navneet Singh under the guidance of Mr. Vivek Dave.

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