27 April, 2017

Visited Ginni Filament Industry on 12 November 2016 in Chhata near Kosi industrial area. There was an outreach department of the Nayati hospital has organised a supportive and effective communication health talk on the subject of Orthopaedics problems in human being. A session on joint pain and back pain was conducted for all female and male workers with supportive staff of the industry by Dr. Aman Goyal. Three team members of Nayati hospital including Head of Department Orthopaedics Dr. Aman Goyal, Head of Outreach Department Mr. Vivek Dave with Program Manager (Outreach) Shaziya Sheikh has timely reached at the Ginni Filament in Chhata and started the session.

A successful health talk was conducted by a team of Nayati Hospital, Mathura. Dr. Aman Goyal was describe all the issues of working people those who have faced in their working surrounding and community also. Many workers raise the question of their problems and get a solution from specialist. 

The health talk was divided in two sessions. First was for female workers and anther was for male workers. Both sessions are conducted by our Nayati hospital health team. Total approx 155 participants were present in the session including female and male workers with support staff of Ginni Filament. Mr. Vivek Dave gave introductory speech about Niyati hospital and their social welfare services. At last gave vote of thanks by Program manager Shaziya Sheikh. 

Few Glimpse of the Health Talk Campaign in Ginni Filament:-

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