Health Check Up Camp At Hayatpur Village

27 April, 2017

Organized a well planned two days health camp in Hayatpur village, Panchayat Hayatpur on November 17, and November 18, 2016 in Mathura. An outreach department of the Nayati hospital had been organised a successfully health camp in Hayatpur village. With the help of 01 Gynaecologist, o1 Pediatrician, 01 Physician & 01 ENT specialist we had been successfully conducted this health check up camp.

On Day 1st Dr. Sangita (Gynaecologist), Dr. Pankaj Jain (Pediatrician), Dr. Mahesh (Physician) and Dr. Shweta (ENT specialist) had been participated in this camp. They all had been treated total approx 108 patients of the community. On the day 1st there were also reached CMD of the Nayati Hospital Ms. Niira Radia Ma’am and CMD office staff. They had also interact with community people and share about Nayati Hospital medical services and there social activities. 

On the Day 2nd, November 18, 2016 Dr. Neha (Paediatrician), Dr. Avaneet Kaur (Dentist) and Dr. Kishan (Physician) had treated all the children of Hayatpur high school. In the School total approx 256 children had treated. Children who had a problems related to tooth they had been going to dentist and consult their problem to doctor. Dr. Kishan was also treated all the community people with school children and counselling them all. School principal Mr. Shyamveer Singh and his school staff have supported and coordinated us to organize this camp in their school. All team health members of Nayati hospital including all Doctors, Pharmacist, Nursing staff and whole outreach team had been reached timely in the Hayatpur village and after arrangements of camp setup we had started health check up camp. Including both days total 364 patients had been enrolled in this camp and they all had treated and counselled by our hospital team.

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