Micro Health Camp at Raya

On 19th of January we had conducted a small micro camp in Raya under the Panchayat of Raya block with support of ex-chairperson Mr. K.K.Agrawal Ji. Dr. Nishant Gupta (Physician) has actively participated in this camp. He has treated all the patients very softly and has done counseling for proper treatment to the patients. Dr. Nishant Gupta has just joined in Nayati family and this was the first outreach camp after his joining. Mr. Harish Rana well coordinated this camp with support of whole outreach team. Ex-Chairperson Mr. K.K.Agrawal has informed & communicated to all community people for this camp. All the logistic arrangements and information for this camp circulated by the ex-chairperson of the Raya.

Dr. Nishant Gupta (Physician) has treated all the patients in the camp. There was total +100 beneficiaries have benefited in this camp. Mr. K.K.Agrawal and many people, media person (Amar Ujala & Neo news channel) has appreciated our team work & Nayati hospital’s super health care services which we are giving in different corner of the villages. We have registered a total no. Of +100 beneficiaries by Nayati’s Mobile application and also gave them Nayati Arogya Mev Jayate Privilege Card (Blue).

Before we start this camp, we all have gathered with community people and gave them a brief introduction session about Nayati’s mission, vision and their outreach services including Badrinath health camps for all pilgrims. This was a very interactive session between Nayati’s outreach team and community people with media. They were very humble and thankful to us.

Few Glimpses of the Camp