Micro Health Camp at Sihana Village

12 June, 2017

Nayati Medicity, Mathura (UP)

On 12th of June we had conducted a small micro camp in Sihana village in under Sihana Panchayat with support of Ex- Gram Pradhan Thakur Shri Tularam. In this camp had participated from Nayati Medicity’s Dr. Nitin Nagpal. He has participated actively and treated all the patients very softly. Panchayat Ex-Pradhan Shri Tularam has coordinated for this camp to organize in their village. He has communicated to all community people for organize a health camp in their village by Nayati Medicity, Mathura. All the logistic arrangements and communication for this camp has circulated by the Thakur Tularam. Dr. Nitin Nagpal (Physician) has treated all the patients in the camp. There was total 28 beneficiaries have benefited in this camp. Mr. Tularam has appreciated our team with outreach management & Nayati Hospital’s super services which we have given in the hospital and community also.

Till the end of this camp, 28 beneficiaries turned up for the check up and consultation whose basic vitals (Height, Weight & BP) and Yoga session was done by Mr. Ashutosh Kumar. Also we have counselled the patients in this camp. Most of the patients were suffered from Othoritis, pain and headache. Our team have suggested to patients to come out in our hospital and take a best treatment in Nayati on maximum discount cost. 

The camp was managed by Outreach team with guidance of Mr. Dave. Mr. Shyam K. Jadoun, Mr. Rahul Singh and Deepak Singh were present in this camp till the end. 

Few Glimpses

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