A report on Health Awareness talk at Hathras

27 April, 2017

We reached District Hathras at sharp 12.30 pm and met with CMO Hathras Dr. Ramveer Singh. In district hospital was already organising a workshop regarding “Better Birth” from PSI, India (Public Services International) and financial review for MO, MOIc, accountant and other district and block officials. After this workshop we had started a Health Talk in reference of Multi Super Specialty of Nayati hospital, Mathura. First session has done by Dr. R.K. Mittal. He has started his session on the topic of “ADVANCES IN CANCER TREATMENT”. All the docs was listening him carefully. Dr. Mittal was explained all the slides about advance treatment and prevention of cancer and warning signs of cancers and there treatment therapy in Nayati hospital, Mathura also.

. Second session held by Dr. Jyoti Goyal, she has explained all the major issues of General Physician which we have faced at the time of treatment of any patients. Most of the time doctors have not treated patients seriously in the Government department but every doctor has a moral duty and as a profession they should have to treated patients as a family or relatives. Dr. Jyoti was also focusing on adult vaccination and their utility for adult and adolescents too. Third session was conducted by Dr. Jitendra Gupta; he has lighted on the topic of “Lumbar Disc Prolapse”. He has explained RELATION OF INTRADISCAL PRESSURE AND POSTURE, STAGES OF DISC PROLAPSE, Proper sitting, Do and Don’t etc. All sessions ware very interesting and very useful for the government Docs. This was our first experience with Government MO and MOIc and other officials. There were total approx 30 docs including other officials. At last Dr. Ramveer Singh CMO, Hathras was give vote of thanks to our Drs Team and Nayati hospital too.

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