Super Specialty Health Camp at Community Health Centre-Choumuha

25 April, 2017


On 25th April we organized a Super Specialty Free Health Camp at Community Health Centre; Choumuha for nearby community people with the cooperation of Govt. Dept. The health check-up camp was started with lighting on Lord Shri Krishna by Chhata Nagar Panchayat Chairperson Mr. Bihari Ram Pahalwan and MOIc Choumuha, Dr. Sonu Chaturvedi. After the lightening camp was started with registration of the local people of the community of Choumuha and nearby areas and their basic vitals were recorded like BP, Weight, and Height and also done RBS. Before done vital we were done all patients’ Onco screen by our trained staff.

Dr. Riten Goyal (Paediatrician), Dr. Sandhya Kumari (Gynaecologist) and Dr. Jitendra Tyagi (Physician) were participated in this camp and gave their best of all needy patients. Dr. Sandhya has provided proper and clear guidance and diagnose those beneficiaries who was pregnant and advice them about the right diet during the pregnancy and what precautions should be taken during pregnancy period. Dr. Riten has treated most of the children who was suffered from viral fever, severe anemia and cough cold and fever. One of the female children diagnosed with the cardiac diseases and one female child was suffered from Neuro problem. Dr. Riten has treated all the children very patiently and gave their best to best opinion to the parents. Dr. Jitendra Tyagi has treated all male and female patients who have general problem i.e. fever, joint pain, cough, cold, viral fever, back pain, headache etc. We have also distributed and promoted our preventive health care packages to the beneficiaries in the camp. 

A total 204 patients have been seen during this camp and total 17 patients conducted the ECG. Dr. Sonu Chaturvedi has done all the sitting arrangements and refreshments for the staff. There is a conspicuous observation from that camp was most of the patients want to treat by Nayati’s Dr’s and many times they ask about our Dr’s. The camp was successfully managed by Shaziya with the guidance by her head Mr. Vivek Dave. 

Few Glimpses

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