NAYATI HEALTHCARE started its journey in 2012 from the pious grounds of Badrinath with 4 mobile medical units and a team of 36 paramedics and doctors. In a very short span of time, working across these regions, Nayati came face to face with certain grim realities in healthcare which was metro centric. Nayati believes that good healthcare should be sans boundaries and seamless across the country and the world. Hence the organization decided to embark on a revolutionary journey of taking tertiary level world-class treatment across Tier-II & Tier-III cities which have long been neglected.

Complete Integrated Healthcare

Our endeavor is to offer complete healthcare solutions within the hospital with our team of India’s leading doctors, coupled with the best medical resources in all disciplines and specialized verticals of healthcare. All our Centers of Excellence for diverse key specialties will be self-sufficient in all aspects of diagnosis and treatment, because we know and understand that when it comes to matters of your health, every second is precious.


World Class State-of-the-Art Medical Technology

We take pride in offering world class treatment procedures and patient care services with the use of state of the art medical technology and advanced treatment facilities to provide both cost effective and faster care. We have various Intensive Care units like MICU, CCU, SICU, NICU and PICU that work 24X7.


Taking Treatment to the Patient

At times, patients need access to quick treatment, as one does not have the option to travel long distances. We also understand that patients need to visit the hospital frequently for follow up checkups. Traveling long distances frequently can be very painfuland impractical for patients as well as their families. To ease this everyday prob lem, we are setting up secondary diagnosis and care centers, as well as mobile vans in the neighbouring towns, to ensure that every patient has access to quality healthcare.

Business Model

On one hand we had the challenge of providing world class healthcare on the other we had to also keep in mind the spending capacity and financial aspect of the local residents. This is why we decided to adopt the ‘economies of scale’ model as it was our responsibility to not only take care of the patient’s health but also his/her overall wellbeing.


Centers of Excellence

Critical Care

We recognize that in critical illness, accurate and timely decisions save lives. That is why our centre for critical care comprises of renowned team of intensivists, who are accompanied by motivated and trained nurses and paramedical staff. The unit is backed by state of the art technology including E-ICU.

Cardiac Care

Our experienced team of Cardiac Surgeons, Cardiologists, Cardiac Anesthesiologists, Physician Assistants, highly skilled Cardiac Nursing team, Technicians and other Specialists offer comprehensive care for patients with Cardiovascular diseases . As a part of non-invasive cardiology the centre offers ECG, Echocardiography, TMT, Holter Monitoring and Cardiac MRI while invasive cardiology services include Coronary Angiography, Carotid, Renal, Peripheral and Stenting along with Balloon Valvuloplasty. But that’s not all the Cardio Thoracic surgery department offers Coronary Artery Bypass Graft surgery that includes off pump CABG, On pump CABG, Minimally CABG. It also offers other services like Valve & Pediatric Cardiac surgery. Equipped with the latest technology and devices, the centre has already achieved new mi lest ones in terms of excellent outcomes.

Neuro Sciences

This centre is an integrated institute with a dedicated team of doctors and latest technology which provides a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary care for disorders of brain and spine. The experts specialize in treating all kinds of brain tumors, spinal degenerative diseases as well as all neurovascular diseases/trauma of spine and brain.

The center has a well appointed advanced Modular Neurosurgical operation theatre equipped with latest Neurosurgical Operating Microscope and CUSA. The center also has a dedicated neurosurgery ICU and is supported by advanced neuro -i maging techniques [a 1.5 Tesla MRI, 128 bit CT scan]


It would not be wrong to call Uttar Pradesh the Cancer Capital. Understanding the gravity of the situation we are going great lengths to ensure proper and timely treatment for Cancer. The Centre offers holistic integrated care t aking into consideration views of specialists of all the three divisions – medical, surgical and radiation. Equipped with world class facilities and with faculty members who are recognized internationally for their expertise in cancer treatment and research, the centre follows global standards of treatment while offering services like cancer screening and holistic care by identifying the type and stage of the disease.

Orthopedics & Joint Replacement

The centre is at the forefront in offering the latest in orthopedic treatment. The center specializes in providing treatment for all common as well as complicated musculoskeletal disorders. Our team brings with them expertise in the field of Joint Replacement, Pelvic Ace tabular Fractures, Arthroscopic surgeries including Sports Medicine. Deformity correction, Complex Trauma and Failed Surgical Salvage of both upper and lower Limb trauma. The centre is equipped with latest cutting edge technology in terms of equipments, operating rooms, recovery rooms and physiotherapy facilities.

Minimal Access Gastrointestinal, Biliary, Pancreatic & Bariatric Surgery

This centre has a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team of doctors dealing with disorders of esophagus, stomach. Intestines, pancreas and gall-bladder. It offers services like surgeries for Obesity, Diabetes and Acidity. The centre specializes in Minimally Invasive surgery with minimal blood loss which leads to faster recovery and negligible chances of infect ion s. Some of the surgeries undertaken by the centre have won accolades from specialists across the country.

Renal Sciences

A first of its kind in the region, providing comprehensive kidney care to the patients through a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services, the center has brought together the finest medical professionals state of the art infrastructure and the highest standards of clinical excellence and patient safety. It is also supported by world class operation theaters to take care of all kinds of Kidney & Urology related surgeries. The centre introduced Kidney Transplant services as well.