Across India, millions have unequal access to healthcare. Many become ill or die from preventable diseases or lack any opportunity of treatment for serious ailments. There is a real need to take quality care to those in need.

Nayati Charitable Trust is a charitable initiative that provides quality public health services and disaster relief to communities who lack basic healthcare infrastructure. We do this using a variety of mechanisms including free general, early-detection, and specialized health camps, multifaceted community connect activities, and medical assistance after a natural disaster.

Our mission is to preserve people’s right to a live a dignified life by providing them the services they need to care for themselves, their family, and their community.

We serve 18 districts across Eastern Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Western Uttar Pradesh, utilizing Nayati’s three pillars of activities: Health Camps, Community Connect, and Disaster Relief.

  • Nayati Health Camps take care directly to the patient through free general care camps, speciality screening camps for specific ailments, and focused care for special populations.
  • Nayati’s Community Connect program undertakes the most pressing medical concerns facing the regions we serve. This includes activities in women’s health, preventative diseases, care affordability, youth engagement, blood donations, and at local events.
  • Nayati Disaster Relief is an initiative that provides immediate medical and supply relief services when a natural disaster strikes the surrounding regions where we work.
Our Story

Nayati Charitable Trust was established in April 2012 with a fleet of 16 mobile medical units and a workforce of 35 motivated caregivers. We operated mobile units providing free primary and preventative healthcare in and around Uttarakhand first (including the pilgrimage town of Badrinath) and eventually Western Uttar Pradesh.

Nayati quickly added disaster relief to its activities after a cloudburst, and later a landslide, severely devastated the regions we served. Since then Nayati has been the first responders to various natural disasters impacting Northern India and more recently, the Nepal earthquake.

The name Nayati has become synonymous with care in the regions we serve and through our activities we have created a network of committed individuals from the medical field and beyond, seeking to serve more people with an even greater quality. As a result, Nayati Charitable Trust served as the inspiration for Nayati Healthcare Private Limited, which operates multi-specialty hospitals in tier 2 & 3 cities across Northern India.

Today Nayati continues to work in Badrinath and in disaster relief, and has expanded to serve the sequestered regions surrounding Nayati Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Mathura with activities specific to that locale. Through our diverse range of accomplishments we always carry the same ethos from the very beginning: to provide healing and hope by promoting a more caring world and preserving the dignity of every person we meet.

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