January 2018

Micro Health Camp at Raya

  • 19 January, 2018

On 19th January, we held a micro camp in Raya under the Panchayat of Raya block with the support of ex-chairperson, Mr K.K. Agrawal. He had informed the community people about this camp and managed all the logistic arrangements.

Dr Nishant Gupta (Physician) actively participated in this camp, treating all the patients with care and offering them counselling for proper treatment. Since Dr Gupta had just joined the Nayati family, this was his first outreach camp. The camp was well coordinated by Mr Harish Rana, along with the support of the entire outreach team.

Mr Agrawal and many others, including media persons (Amar Ujala and Neo News Channel) appreciated our teamwork and Nayati Hospital’s superb healthcare services, available in various villages. We registered more than 100 beneficiaries via Nayati’s Mobile Application and gave them the Nayati Arogya Mev Jayate Privilege Card (Blue).

Before beginning this camp, all the gathered community people attended a brief introductory session about Nayati’s mission, vision and outreach services, including the Badrinath health camps for pilgrims. This was an extremely interactive session between Nayati’s outreach team and the community members as well as the media. At the end of the camp, the beneficiaries thanked us profusely.

Few Glimpses of the Camp

September 2017

Blood Donation camp- LIC, Mathura

  • 07 September, 2017

Blood Donation Camp – LIC, Mathura


  • Mr Girish Kumar (Branch Manager, Radhika Vihar)
  • Mr Arvind Kumar (Assistant Branch Manager)
  • Mr Shiv Kumar Sharma (Administrative Officer)


  • Dr Yatindra Mohan (Senior Resident)
  • Mr Mukesh Vikram (Chief Technical Officer)
  • Mr Sachin (Medical Social Worker)
  • Shaziya Sheikh (Manager – Outreach)


  • Creating awareness among community people about blood donation.
  • Sensitising LIC seniors and their staff about Nayati Healthcare & Research Pvt Ltd’s health services and social welfare activities in coordination with the Outreach department.

On 7th September 2017, Nayati Medicity, Mathura organised a successful blood donation camp at LIC, Radhika Vihar Branch, Mathura. Earlier, our Outreach team coordinated with LIC, Radhika Vihar, for this important event within their premises. Every year, Life Insurance Corporation Limited has celebrated a ‘BIMA SAPTAH’ function all over India. Mr Girish Kumar (Branch Manager) and his team managed this camp extremely well, arranging breakfast and lunch for Nayati Medicity’s team members. Overall, 19 units of blood were collected. Although 27 LIC personnel (including agents) registered for blood donation, only 19 were eligible. Dr Naveen Agnihotri’s team did good work under his guidance. The Outreach Manager was present throughout the event and handled it well.

July 2017

Super Specialty Health Camp with Shri Ram Social Welfare Society at Etah

  • 01 July, 2017

Specialities wise beneficiries alocation in Etah camp on 1st July 2017


On 1st July, we organized a free Super Specialty Health Camp at Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Etah for the local community people with the cooperation of Shri Ram Welfare Society. The health check-up camp opened with ribbon-cutting by Dr Rajesh Saxena (Social Worker), Mr Yogesh Saxena (Society President), Mr Ajay Saxena (Secretary), Mr Himanshu (Coordinator), along with Nayati Medicity doctors’ teams and staff.

Thereafter, a lamp was lit near Saraswati Ma’s picture, after which the camp began with registrations of the local community and people from nearby areas. During this, basic vitals were recorded such as BP, Weight and Height as well as RBS. Later, our trained staff did Onco screening of all patients.

Dr Nitin Nagpal (General Physician), Dr Pankaj (Oncologist), Dr Akansha (Gynaec) and Dr Vivek Sharma (Ortho) participated in this camp. Dr Nagpal provided clear guidance and diagnoses for those down with Headache, Body Pain, Chest Pain, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. He advised them about the right treatment when any of these symptoms occurred. Dr Akansha treated women mostly suffering from gynaecological problems such as menstrual issues with fever and severe anaemia, etc.

Dr Pankaj treated male as well as female patients suffering from throat problems, ulcer, infection, cough with bleeding, etc. Dr Sharma treated all patients exhibiting general symptoms of joint and spinal pain. Overall, 130 patients visited the camp. Dr Sharma treated 35 patients in all, Dr Akansha around 30, while Dr Nagpal treated about 60. Five patients were suffering from cardiac problems. Mr Ashutosh (Yogacharya) exhibited Yoga Asanas for approximately 25 individuals.

Mr Himanshu and his society members arranged the seating and lunch for Nayati staff. Successfully managed by Hemraj, the camp was coordinated by Shaziya and her Outreach team, supported by Mr Vivek Dave and his team members.

Few Glimpses

Registration and Onco Screening

Camp @ Crowd – Dr. Nitin Nagpal

June 2017


  • 19 June, 2017

CKD WORKSHOP Participants’ Profile: Participants comprised CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) patients from different regions – Agra, Dholpur, Delhi, Hathras and Mathura. The workshop was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by Dr P.B. Singh, Dr T.S. Kuckrejja, Dr Krishna Mohan Sahu, Dr Dharmendra Kamla and Mr Sarna, in the presence of Mr Chandan Pandey (FSO, Mathura Administration). Resource Persons:

S. No.Name of Resource PersonDesignation
1.Dr Krishan Mohan SahuDirector (Nephrology & Kidney Transplant), Nayati Medicity
2.Dr Dharmendra KamlaPsychiatric Department, Nayati Medicity
3.Mr Chandan PandeyFood and Safety Officer, Mathura Administration
4.Mr Ashutosh KumarYoga and Wellness Department, Nayati Medicity

Topics/Sessions Covered in the Workshop:

S. No.Session Details
1.Overview of Kidney Care – Functions, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
2.Psychological Reactions and Mental Illness in CKD
3.Food Optimization for Kidney Patients
4.Yoga and Health for Kidney Patients

CHAPTER – 01 Introduction Patients attended the workshop on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) – held at the Basement Hall in Nayati Medicity, Mathura – organised by the Outreach Department and facilitated technically by the Clinical Department. The workshop’s main purpose was introducing CKD patients to the major causes and treatment of Kidney Disease. The workshop also aimed at making them understand their problems and priorities, including treatment options such as dialysis and transplant. Workshop Objectives

  • Educating CKD patients about the functions of the kidney; symptoms, failure and causes; making them understand CKD and the intervention of food and wellness in controlling sugar levels, BP and the role of micronutrients.
  • Highlighting their roles and responsibilities vis-à-vis their own health and diet.
  • Increasing awareness of dialysis and transplant.

Technical Sessions SESSION 1:  INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW ON KIDNEY CARE Dr Krishan Mohan Sahu (Director – Nephrology & Transplant) held a session on various topics such as functions of the kidney; symptoms, causes and treatment of kidney failure; peritoneal dialysis; dialysis vs. treatment; haemodialysis at Nayati; haemodialysis infrastructure; dialysis protocol; haemodialysis – disadvantages and inconvenience; minimizing water and dialysis; fluid requirement and WAK trials; Bio-Artificial Implantable Kidney (BAIK) and its features; stem cell treatment; and, lastly, kidney care at Nayati Medicity, Mathura. SESSION 2:  PSYCHOLOGICAL REACTIONS AND MENTAL ILLNESS IN CKD Dr Dharmendra Kamla conducted a session on Stress Management of CKD patients. Covering all psychological ailments and the side effects on patients’ behaviour, he described behavioural problems as well as the depression suffered by patients’ family members. SESSION 3: FOOD OPTIMIZATION FOR KIDNEY PATIENTS Mr Chandan Pandey held a session on Food, Nutrition and Micronutrients. He began by offering a brief situational analysis of CKD patients and their diet. He also discussed important health issues prevalent among kidney patients in the community. Furthermore, he explained how to choose and prepare foods with less sodium (salt) content. He also spoke about eating the right amount and right types of protein. Finally, he highlighted the major sources and natural micronutrients, including rich dietary sources such as green leafy vegetables, broccoli, sprouts and pulses.   SESSION 4:  YOGA AND HEALTH FOR KIDNEY PATIENTS This session was taken by Mr Ashutosh Kumar (Yogacharya) through his Yoga and Wellness Department. Ashutosh-ji’s Yoga session thrilled patients as he demonstrated essential exercises that could benefit CKD patients. Even after the workshop, patients learnt many Yoga Asanas from Ashutosh-ji. Overview of CKD Workshop The workshop witnessed direct discussions, which were followed by inspiring presentations from Nayati doctors. Secondary patients receiving treatment from different hospitals hailed from Agra, New Delhi, Dholpur, Mathura and Vrindavan. The workshop was most useful for those taking CKD treatment. Key programme interventions:

  • Formative communication campaign.
  • Workshop of all CKD patients, including attendants and family members.
  • Establishment of a two-way communication mechanism.
  • Promotion of process documentation.
  • Outreach to different places and districts.
  • Raising community awareness and participation to maximize long-term impact by organizing internal meetings and workshop with patients, beneficiaries and other social reformers for counselling the community about CKD and its effects.
  • Undertaking Behaviour Change Communication mechanism that will be beneficial in future.
  • Social/Community Mobilisation for sensitizing community members about accepting and participating in health interventions, put in place to control as well as increase awareness of these diseases.

On the workshop’s conclusion, patients posed many questions regarding diet and water. Key ones:

  1. What’s the ideal diet for dialysis patients?
  2. Is Haemodialysis or Peritoneum dialysis better for patients?
  3. Which food is good for CKD patients?
  4. What foods contain Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus?

Annexure 02 – Press Release of the CKD workshop

Choumuha & Chhata

  • 13 June, 2017

On 13th of June, Dr. Naveen Agnihotri (Sr.Consultant & HOD- Blood Transfusion Medicine) and Shaziya had visited CHC Choumuha and CHC Chhata. Dr. Naveen Agnihotri want to visit some government hospital like CHC, PHC or any other health facilities for check up of their routine work in the hospital. It has also included lab services, OT, Blood storage unit etc.

First, we have visted Choumuha CHC and met with Block Program Manager, Mr. Gourav Singh. MOIc Choumuha has not available in that day. He has coordinated with us and has managed our visit in their CHC. There was an active lab with two lab technician. One has Mr. Singh and another is Mr. Sharma. In CHC Choumuha, there is not all lab test have conducted in their health institutions only few tests have done because of lack of training, lack of manpower, no logistic support from administration level of chc and no trained staff for pathology. Dr. Naveen had discussd with lab technician and knows about how to they work properly. In chc Choumuha, one lab tachnician under (VBDCP) and another technician is under from RNTCP program. There is no Blood transfusion facilities are available here.

After this visit we have reached Chhata CHC and met with MOIc Dr. Dhaniram Singh. Dr. Dhaniram Singh has become MOIc, before 4 to 5 months and he has managed all the programs very well. But there are no active lab facilities here. Only Hb, Malaria (Card), Sputam test has done. Lab technician Mr. Chandrashekhar (LT-DOT) has no trained for conducting other test. He is no capable for conducting other test. In Chhata CHC there is no Blood transfusion facilities are available.

CHC Chhata &Choumuha Visit on 14th June 2017@Dr.Naveen Agnihotri

Micro Health Camp at Sihana Village

  • 12 June, 2017

Nayati Medicity, Mathura (UP)
On 12th of June we had conducted a small micro camp in Sihana village in under Sihana Panchayat with support of Ex- Gram Pradhan Thakur Shri Tularam. In this camp had participated from Nayati Medicity’s Dr. Nitin Nagpal. He has participated actively and treated all the patients very softly. Panchayat Ex-Pradhan Shri Tularam has coordinated for this camp to organize in their village. He has communicated to all community people for organize a health camp in their village by Nayati Medicity, Mathura. All the logistic arrangements and communication for this camp has circulated by the Thakur Tularam. Dr. Nitin Nagpal (Physician) has treated all the patients in the camp. There was total 28 beneficiaries have benefited in this camp. Mr. Tularam has appreciated our team with outreach management & Nayati Hospital’s super services which we have given in the hospital and community also.

Till the end of this camp, 28 beneficiaries turned up for the check up and consultation whose basic vitals (Height, Weight & BP) and Yoga session was done by Mr. Ashutosh Kumar. Also we have counselled the patients in this camp. Most of the patients were suffered from Othoritis, pain and headache. Our team have suggested to patients to come out in our hospital and take a best treatment in Nayati on maximum discount cost.

The camp was managed by Outreach team with guidance of Mr. Dave. Mr. Shyam K. Jadoun, Mr. Rahul Singh and Deepak Singh were present in this camp till the end.

Few Glimpses

Under Program of PMSMA in Raya PHC / Sonai CHC

  • 09 June, 2017

Supported By – Nayati Medicity, Mathura (UP)

On 09th June 2017, we had conducted our 3rd OPD camp for High-Risk Pregnant Women under Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matratva Abhiyan (PMSMA) under the tie-up of Govt. of UP with Nayati Medicity, Mathura. In this 3rd OPD camp under PMSMA, Dr. Dipika has treated all the Anti-Natal Cases in Raya and Sonai CHC. MOIc Dr. Ramveer Singh has actively participated in this camp for all logistic support and for the extra manpower arrangements i.e. staff nurse for record keeping of BP and Height & Weight. The main purpose of PMSMA is “Free Antenatal Check-ups for pregnant women with the participation of Private Hospitals / Private Doctors at government health facilities on 9th of every month. In this sequence, we had conducted our third free OPD camp at Raya and Sonai CHC on 9th June.

We have registered all the patients of the according to norms of Govt. Institutions. First, we have registered all the ANC cases then the staff nurse recorded basic vitals like BP and Weight of all beneficiaries. Dr. Dipika has treated all the pregnant women with very patiently and has taken time at least 15 to 20 minutes for each patient. She had provided proper guidance to each beneficiary for their health and nutrition. Many patients were identified with anemia and lack of calcium. General medicine i.e. Calcium, Iron, Folic Acid, Multi-Vitamin, Paracitamol, CPM etc. were available in the hospital pharmacy but few medicines which were prescribed by the Dr. Dipika has not available in the hospital. In Raya PHC, there was no any support staff for laboratory services or lab testing facilities so that day lab testing couldn’t get done in the Raya PHC but HIV test had done on opd table, has done by Raya PHC’s support staff. There is a point which is remarkable that there was no any protocol or rules followed by the staff regarding HIV testing and there is lack of awareness about that, we must have careful about all type of lab testing services & lab test also conducted in the lab not on opd table.

In Sonai CHC there is some lab test were available i.e. Hb HIV, Urine < albumin & Sugar. On 9th June PMSMA opd camp has organized in Raya CHC according to letter which have realized by Nayati management and CMO, Mathura but yesterday they also had been organized this camp in Sonai and waiting for the Gynecologist who was came from Nayati Medicity, Mathura. Total approx 32 pregnant women got benefited from this camp (data have lost of some pregnant women). The camp was successfully managed by Shaziya with the cooperation of Mr. Vivek Dave and Dr. VarnaOPD & HRP data details by bar diagram

Micro Health Camp at Kota Village

  • 06 June, 2017

On 06th June 2017 we organized a micro health camp for Kota village (Panchayat Kota) for community people with the cooperation of Panchayat Pradhan Dr. Shahzad. He has coordinated for this camp to organize in their village. Dr. Shahzad has communicated to all community people for organize a health camp in their village by Nayati Medicity, Mathura. He also arranged the breakfast for all team members of the Nayati Medicity. All the logistic arrangement and publicity and circulated the information about camp to the beneficiaries was done by Dr. Shahzad. Dr. Nitin Nagpal (Physician) has treated all the patients in the camp. There was total 52 beneficiaries have benefited in this camp. Dr. Shahzad has appreciated our team with Outreach management & Nayati Hospital’s super services which we have given in the hospital and community also.

Till the end of this camp, 52 beneficiaries turned up for the check up and consultation whose basic vitals (Height, Weight & BP) and Yoga session was done by Mr. Ashutosh Kumar. Also we have counselled the patients in this camp. Most of the patients were suffered from Othoritis, Gyne, Cardiac, Onco and ENT’s. Our team have suggested to patients to come out in our hospital and take a best treatment in our hospital on maximum discount cost.

The camp was managed by Outreach team with guidance of Mr. Dave. Mr. Shyam K. Jadoun, Mr. Rahul Singh and Deepak Singh were present in this camp till the end.

Few Glimpses

Mursan Health camp

  • 03 June, 2017

A free multi-specialty Super Specialty Health Check–up Camp was organized in collaboration with Dr. C.M Sharma and his colleague Doctors of Mursan on 31st May, 2017. Total 270 patients were examined during this health checkup camp. The bifurcation of all specialties will be shown through graph as per below mentioned details. Read More

May 2017

Multi-Specialty Health Check-up Camp at District Jail Aligarh

  • 22 May, 2017

Nayati Medicity Hospital Mathura has organised a very successful camp for vulnerable community of Jail inmates in the premises of district jail Aligarh on 13thMay, 2017(Saturday) for the benefit of under trail inmates. The lead was given by Mr. Devender Sharma from Hathras. Read More

Read more