April 2017

Health Check-up Camp At CHC Goverdhan

  • 12 April, 2017

Organized by – Nayati Healthcare & Research Pvt. Ltd.

Key Individuals Met –

Dr. Muneesh(Representative –Medical Officer Goverdhan CHC)

Dr. JitenderTyagi(Physician)
Dr. Neha (Pediatrician)
Dr. Sandhya (Gynecologist)
Mr. Hemraj Singh (Manager)

Nayati Medicity has organized free health checkup camp at CHC Goverdhan on 12th April, 2017 in association with CHC Goverdhan in continuation of Pradhan MantriSurakshitMatritvaAbhiyan.
The health checkup camp was started with the registration of the local people of community of Goverdhan and their basic vitals were recorded i.e. blood pressure, weight, height RBS followed by the consultation with the concerned specialties i.e. Gynea, Peads and Internal Medicine. All Doctors have prescribe lab test, X-ray, whole body checkup and ultra sound to the patient those who were suffering from the health related problems. Dr. Sandhay has provide the proper guidance and diagnose those women’s who are pregnant and advice them about the right diet during the pregnancy and what precaution they can take during antenatal care in their 2nd& 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Dr. Neha has seen malnourished children and advice their mother about the proper nutritious dietduring childhood.We have also promoted our preventive health packages to the beneficiaries during the camp.

A total 87 patient have been seen during the camp and most of the women are pregnant and completing their 2nd& 3rd trimester.During the camp Mr Ashutosh has conducted yoga class for the community peoples he has trained them through yoga how to over comes from of their health problems like, high blood pressure, joint pain, upset stomach, diabetes, mental stress and sleep disorder. At the end we would like to thank Dr. Manish MO CHC Goverdhan and all nursing staff, para medics, GDA and administration department for their contribution. They have done commendablejob without them it was not possible to organize this event successfully

Registration & Vitals Checkup


Doctors Consultations & Yoga Class

Barsana CHC

  • 10 April, 2017

Supported by – Nayati Medicity On – 10th April, 2017 (Monday) At – CHC Barsana, Uttar Pradesh

The Pradhan Mantri Surkshit Matritva Abhiyan has been launched by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India. The program aims to provide assured, comprehensive and quality antenatal care, free of cost, universally to all pregnant women on the 9th of every month.

Keeping in mind, we as Nayati Medicity thought that it’s our social responsibility to play an important role and provide support to the Government for taking this initiative in the welfare of underprivileged community. We as Nayati Hospital representative met with CDO Mathura on 15th March, 17 and agreed to become a part of this programand render our highly specialized services to the community. On 9th of every month we will provide our one gynecologist to every CHC of Mathura district on rotation basis.

In continuation, we Nayati hospital have conducted 1st OPD at Barsana CHC Mathura on 10th April, 17 where one of our gynecologistsDr. Sangeetaprovidedservices. It was the first time in this region where Nayati Hospital has provide highly specialized services to the high risk pregnant women in any CHC. She has provide proper guidance and diagnosed to High risk women’s and consulted the right diet during the pregnancy and what precaution they can take during antenatal care in their 2nd& 3rd trimester of pregnancy. She also advice effective medicine to all these women’s those who have attended the OPD

It was a very successful OPD where we have seen 43 high risk pregnant women.
All the beneficiaries were very happy with the doctor and Nayati Hospital for conducting the OPD at their CHC. In charge of CHC Barsana has appreciated the effort made by the team Nayati.

Few Glimpses of OPD

Free health check-up camp at FATEHA

  • 07 April, 2017

On 07th April we organised a successful camp for Panchayat community at Fateha Panchayat including one of village Hathawali with cooperation of Panchayat Pradhan Mr. Rajkumar Singh. Read More

Free Health Check-up Camp at FATEHA

  • 07 April, 2017

On 07th April we organised a successful camp for Panchayat community at Fateha Panchayat including one of village Hathawali with cooperation of Panchayat Pradhan Mr. Rajkumar Singh. Hathawali Panchayat Pradhan has shown interest to conduct camp in their locality for the benefit of their own community. Mr. Rajkumar and Mr. Yadav (School Principal) were participated very actively in this camp. Before organising this camp he spread Information in the community. He also published news about camp in print media regarding camp organising in their village. All the logistic arrangement and publicity and disseminated the information about camp to the beneficiaries for turning up in this camp was done by Pradhan Shri Rajkumar Singh. He requested for the specialists of GIS, Orthopaedics, Paediatrician, General Physician and Oncologist to take part in camp from our hospital. After organised camp he again published news about success of camp in the Farah village. There are total 133 beneficiaries have benefited in this camp. Mr. Rajkumar, Pradhan of Fateha Panchayat appreciated our Dr’s Team with Outreach management team and Nayati Hospital’s super services which we have given in the hospital and community also.

Dr. Sourabh (Orthopaedics), Dr. Gourav (GIS), Dr. Sourabh (Paediatricians), , Dr. Zubair Khan (Oncologist) and Dr. Jitendra Tyagi (Gen. Physician) with Mr. Ashutosh (Yogacharya) & Mr. Koushik (Financial Advisor) partook in this camp very patiently and have given consultation to every patient warmly. All the beneficiaries were very happy with the doctors and out outreach team for the camp. Till end of this camp 133 beneficiary turned up for consultation whose basic vitals (Height, Weight and BP), RBS, Onco Screening, Yoga & Health and Financial Advising was done.

Fateha Panchayat including Hathawali village have total 8000 population with some percent of affordability. Fateha is near about 20 KM from Nayati Medicity. In this camp first time Mr. Ashutosh (Yogacharya) gave their services free for the community people. Many of the people have benefited from Yoga Asan even they were doing some Asan and exercise with Yogacharya. This is first time we utilised services of Financial advisor (Mr. Koushik) to convince to targeted the beneficiaries and also Ashutosh’s expertise in Yoga will be integral part of our each camps. This camp was well managed & Coordinated by Shaziya Sheikh with continues guidance of her head Mr. Vivek Dave. We thankful to Mr. Yatees Ji Wahal, Dr. Sagar (For giving financial advisor) and all HODs of these departments and all nursing and paramedics and GDA, without them this event could not organise successfully and all of them added more values fulfilling camp‘s objectives. In this camp we also distributed discount cards to all attendees.

Few Glimpses

Our Dr’s Team

February 2017

Health checkup camp for the tanker operators and contractual staff of HPCL Mathura on 30th and 31st January 2017

  • 02 February, 2017

Nayati Outreach team conducted a health checkup camp for the tanker operators and contractual staff of HPCL Mathura on 30th and 31st January 2017. This camp was organised on payment basis mode. For every health checkup they have paid an amount of 250 Rs. Read More

January 2017

Health Check-up Camp At LIC AGRA

  • 27 January, 2017

Key Individuals Met –

Dr. Bachchu Singh (Internal Medicine)
Dr. Vivek Sharma (Orthopedics)
Dr. Pooja Tanwar (Gynecologist)
Dr. Rishabh (Opthalmologist)
Mr. Ashutosh (Yogacharya)
Mrs. Shaziya Sheikh (Manager)
Mr. Navneet Singh – (Program Coordinator)
Outreach Team

Mr. Pandey (SDM – LIC)
Mr. Indra Narain (Manager)
Pramod Kumar Sharma (Administrative Officer)
Mr. Rajeev Agarwal (Administrative Officer)

On 5th of September 2017, Nayati Medicity has organized a Multi – Speciality Health Checkup Camp at LIC Office, Sanjay Place, Agra. LIC have been organizing week-long celebrations in-between September 1-7“Bima Saptah or Insurance week” to commemorate the 61stanniversary of the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC). LIC requested us to organize a Health checkup camp for their employees. Thus, Nayati Medicity became the health partner in this week long celebration and conducted a health checkup camp for the benefit of LIC employees. The health checkup camp included basic vitals, BP, Sugar, ECG, Cancer screening and consultation by Physician, Gynecologist, Ophthalmologist, Orthopedics and Yoga.

The health checkup camp was inaugurated by Mr. Pandey (SDM – LIC) A total of 145 LIC employees got benefitted from the health checkup camp. 28 people who complained for cardiac problem also got their ECG done. Dr. Bachchu Singh (Physician), Dr. Vivek Sharma (Orthopedics), Dr. Rishabh (Ophthalmologist), Dr. Pooja (Gynecologist) and Mr. Ashutosh (Yogacharya) gave their valuable consultation to the beneficiaries. The whole health checkup camp was covered by electronic and print media. LIC employees and management were very happy and participated enthusiastically in the camp. LIC has arranged all the logistics, food, beverages, etc for the camp team. They appreciated the efforts of Nayati Medicity and our staff in making the health checkup camp a successful one. LIC have also appreciated the staff with a token of gift to everyone and appreciation letter. The LIC staff and management were so much convinced that they have requested for an empanelment with Nayati Medicity and Nayati Medicentre. Likelihood, LIC Agra will be empanelled with Nayati shortly.

At last, we would like to thank all nursing staff & paramedics, GDS and administration department for their contribution. It was commendable and without them it was not possible to organize this event successfully. Shaziya and Navneet lead this camp from starting till execution to make it successful.

Few Glimpses

Health checkup of Maheshwari Samaj Aligarh on 14th January 2017

  • 14 January, 2017


  • To create social awareness and participation amongst the people of the community about health and hygiene
  • To create awareness about Multi Super Specialty Hospital and their Doctors in Mathura.

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  • 05 January, 2017

Nayati Healthcare & Research Pvt. Ltd. (Mathura)


• Mr. B.P. Singh (Commandant 16 Bn.)
• Mr. K.D Sharma ( 2nd In charge 16 Bn.)
• Mr. Rameshwar (Deputy Commandant)
• Dr. Srot Gupta (Medical Officer, 16 Bn.)

• Dr. Jyoti Goyal (HOD – Internal Medicine)
• Dr. Aman Goyal (Orthopedics)
• Ms. Vani Ganpathi (Psychiatrist)
• Mr. Raj Singh (Marketing and TPA)
• Shaziya Sheikh (Program Manager – O.R)
• Mr. Navneet Singh (Prog. Coordinator- O.R)

• To create awareness among Commandant 16 Battalion CRPF, Cantt, Mathura and all soldiers of the battalion also reach awareness among their families.
• To sensitization among Commandant and their staff and Medical Officer about Nayati Hospital & Research Pvt. Ltd health services and there social welfare activities with coordination of outreach department.

We reached 16 Battalion CRPF, Cantt, Mathura District Mathura at sharp 10.30 am with all team member of Nayati hospital. Our specialist Drs Team and outreach team conducted a health talk at CRPF, Mathura. Before starting session by Dr’s, Mr. K.D. Sharma (Commandant – 2nd in charge) gave brief introduction about Nayati hospital and their specialities. There were approx 50 Jawan (Soldiers) were present in the talk. He also gave short introduction about medical insurance terms and their benefit to us and our family members also.

First session was conducted by Dr. Jyoti Goyal (HOD- Internal Medicine), she discussed about, what we can do during any emergency situation like cardiac arrest or any other accidental situation. Dr Jyoti s presentation was based on preventive care and cardiovascular disease; she also focused on topic of smoking, drugs and drinking, BP and what are the risk factors (modifiable) of human being.

Second session taken by Ms. Vani Ganpathi (Psychiatrist), she also has focused on stress management in any difficult situations on any person’s life. She also focused on what we can do when we see a very crude situation or fight or anxiety in family, personal or professional life’s problems. Ms. Vani Ganpathi orient how to express your internal emotion’s and stress also, why should it’s necessary for all for their smooth and stress less life and for family also.

Last session conducted by Dr. Aman Goyal. He focused on subject of Basic First Aid during any accident or fight or war. He talked and demonstrated some live examples about bone fracture and the time of blood loses. Soldiers also have enquired about the empanelment with us health check up packages and insurance of our hospital and are willing to turn up in future. Mr. Raj Singh contributed to introduce us for this event. At the end of the all sessions Mr. B.P. Singh, Commandant 16 Battalion gave vote of thanks to our all team members and Nayati hospital.

The camp was managed by Shaziya Sheikh and coordinated by Navneet Singh under the guidance of Mr. Vivek Dave.


December 2016

Health Check-up Camp at JAG International School, Narhouli, Mathura

  • 14 December, 2016

A health check-up camp was conducted for the children of JAG International School, Narhouli, Mathura.

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Health Check-up Camp At Nayati Hospital & Narholi Village

  • 12 December, 2016

Nayati hospital organized an ambassador health checkup camp for the local people of Narhouli village at Nayati Hospital’s premises in Mathura on 12th December 2016.

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