Reaching Out to the Real India


When a person diagnosed with a serious illness has to travel miles away from his home, his well-wishers, his friends and relatives in search of the right care, his suffering tends to get greater. In the year 2016, Nayati
Medicity, Mathura started a journey with the aim of mitigating this suffering by bringing world class healthcare to the very doors of the millions of people living in the region. It fills me with immense pride that many renowned specialists could relate to Nayati’s farsighted objective and efforts to leave their comfortable metropolitan lifestyles accepting Mathura as their place of work. Today there are as many as 1200 employees including more than 160 full-time doctors, 275+ Nursing Staff and 150 Technicians who are providing their
valuable services in the first operational phase of Nayati Medicity with 351 active beds. Today, Nayati Medicity offers world class care for a wide range of health issues that include Critical Care, Cardiac Care, Cancer, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Joint Replacement, Trauma, Sport Injury, Gastro Care, Obesity & Diabetes, Urology, Kidney Diseases, Dialysis and Transplantation, Lung & Chest Diseases, Sleep Disorders, Obstetrics and infant Care, Women’s Diseases and Gynecological Surgery along with various other
Specialties and support services.

This also makes Nayati Medicity a one-stop tertiary and quaternary care destination with end to end healthcare solutions where patients can get access to state of the art, holistic and comprehensive care. What sets Nayati Medicity apart is not just world class care but in relentlessly widening the access to it. Though at par with premium hospitals in the big cities, our services are offered with great sensitivity to cost and affordability. We are happy that we have been able to deliver life saving care in these regions at substantially lower costs. This thoughtful approach has not only helped patients residing in and around the Western UP region but has also made many people living in the metros and far flung areas select Nayati Medicity, Mathura as their first choice. We have even been receiving patients via air, rail and road ambulance from major cities of UP, Bihar and
Madhya Pradesh.

With the arrival of Nayati Medicity, Mathura we are witness to a veritable transformation in the healthcare dynamics of the region. Our steps will help significantly reduce the huge disease burden of the region caused primarily by delayed presentation and diagnosis in a region of healthcare vacuum. At Nayati Medicity, Mathura we have truly been able to fill this gap. The proportion of curable and reversible disease conditions is far higher here than in the big cities. Thus life threatening conditions related to common infections, diabetes, asthma, trauma and poisonings can be speedily reversed thanks to availability of specialists and advanced technologies right here where it is needed most.

Our journey has just started but transformation of healthcare in the region is already visible. Its benefits have reached beyond the Mathura-Vrindavan region to impact the entire Western UP belt and beyond. The
dedicated work of our team has lead to some path breaking successes culminating in publications of more than 20 papers and reports in international scientific journals within a short span of one and a half years. Above all, for us, our greatest joy and the most important achievement has been the smiles and confidence of the people of the region who now find their health more protected and secure.

I believe with our combined efforts, determination and dedication we are well on the road to fulfilling Nayati’s ambitious mission of taking world class treatment to each and every Indian.

Dr. R. K. Mani
CEO Medical & Chairman, Critical Care, Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine