"Working across tier 2 and tier 3 regions, within a short span of time, Nayati found certain grim realities in healthcare, whose services were mainly metro-centric. Whereas Nayati believes good healthcare should be sans boundaries and seamless across the country and the world, the tier 2 and tier 3 cities were long neglected. Therefore, Nayati was established for taking treatment closer to the people by providing affordable, accessible, accountable and always-available healthcare services to the masses – at par with global standards.

Niira Radia, Chairperson & Promoter, Nayati Healthcare said, “We strongly believe that quality healthcare is a basic right to dignity. Beginning our journey from tier 3 city has helped us learn the challenges in the delivery of affordable, accessible and accountable healthcare to the masses. Without such a commitment we couldn't have contributed to the larger need of healthcare development in India.” 

Niira Radia, Chairperson – Nayati Healthcare
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India witnesses an extremely-skewed distribution of healthcare infrastructure, resources, expertise and investments – almost all of it concentrated in the metros, leading to near-total neglect of the interiors. Given the ground realities in India, patients are usually forced to travel 100-300 km to the nearest metros for super-speciality treatment. Such journeys are physically and mentally taxing for patients as well as their families. To eliminate this traumatic experience, Nayati is convinced effective treatment should not be restricted to the big cities. Nayati’s vision is to abolish such boundaries of exclusivity in healthcare by moving to where the real India lives.

People living in smaller towns and cities should enjoy an equal and basic right to the best medical care. To achieve this goal, the gap in healthcare access needs to be bridged by taking treatment to the masses directly. Therefore, Nayati’s mission lies in making modern healthcare services affordable, accessible, accountable and available to all people and communities. Today, Nayati is India’s first healthcare organisation providing tertiary and quaternary-level healthcare to people living in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

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