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    It is really very good hospital equipped with all first class technology. The best thing about the hospital is that it is at Mathura and close to near by places so the cost of going to Delhi/NCR for emergency and major operation reduces. I’ll recommend this to all my dear friends.

    Shefali Rastogi

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    Nayati is the best Hospital in our City, Mathura.I am thankful that this Hospital has good, co-operative and friendly staff.

    Vijay Singh

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    Nayati is the best Multi Super Specialty Hospital in our City, Mathura. Experienced doctors, well trained nursing staff, neat and clean hospital.

    Madhvi Agrawal

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    My friend’s mother had high BP problem a few days back. She was admitted in Nayati Hospital. I was delighted to see the infrastructure as well as the facilities offered by the hospital. She is now well and I would like to thank all the doctors and staff for their support and help .

    Urmi Varshney

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    नयति हॉस्पिटल सभी बीमारियों के इलाज के लिए एक अच्छा स्थान है, मैंने अखबार में अक्सर देखा कि नयति नई से नई तकनीक को मथुरा में लाया है । यह मथुरा क्षेत्र का सर्वश्रेष्ठ हॉस्पिटल है ।

    Sunita Sharma

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    Nayati is a very good hospital. The facilities offered in the hospital are commendable. The behaviour of doctors and nursing staff is very nice and friendly.

    Kavya Bhatia

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    नयति अस्पताल वाकई बहुत अच्छा है। मैं अपने दादाजी को लेकर गया था। मैंं वहाँ की सुविधाएँ और डॉक्टरों के व्यवहार से काफी संतुष्ट हुआ।

    Rinku Singh

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    नयति अस्पताल मथुरा के लिए स्वास्थ्य सुविधाओं में एक रत्न है।

    Dipa Varshney

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