Adding Activities to Subtract Sedentary Lifestyles

  • Apr 26, 2019
  • Nayati_main
The global onslaught of technology, competitive living and incorrect lifestyles has inevitably turned people into sedentary beings. Be it food habits or the quality of food products, everything across the globe has experienced deterioration due to numerous factors. Given below are some simple and easy ways to overcome sedentary lifestyle habits:
  1. Walking the Talk! Treat the mobile phone like your friend. So each time you talk, take a walk! Take a stroll in the balcony, go around the office aisle, walk across corridors and go to the terrace – there are innumerable ways in which mobiles can make people walk often.
  2. Standing Often: Identify routine tasks that can be done standing. Watching 10 minutes’ news headlines, cleaning the workstation, drinking tea in the office, folding clothes at the wardrobe, etc. These tasks will help one stretch and strengthen the back and legs.
  3. Doing Chores: Identify some tasks to do on your own. Wash the dishes, clean the mug, keep the wardrobe intact, streamline the shoe rack, etc. This requires effort as well as thought, thereby helping a person become active and systematic.
  4. Be a Sport: Take up some moving sport. Join a cycling club, play gully cricket, go to a volleyball club, play badminton after finding a suitable partner, etc.
  5. Go Green: Treat at least five plants at home as your responsibility. Water and trim them, trowel the soil, etc. This will make you active and sensitive towards nature.
  6. Conveyance Cues: Adopt public transport or a mix of modes to commute. This will require some effort each time one is moving. If still using one’s own vehicle, park it some way off or take the stairs in reaching the destination.
  7. Dance with Abandon: Even if dancing seems unfamiliar, still try shaking a leg, adding music to the routine. When getting ready every morning, play some favourite music that will help in grooving a little. If possible, join a dance class or form a dance club.