Significance of Preventive Health Checks in Indian Scenario

  • Dec 21, 2016
  • Nayati_main
As human beings we are more evolved than animals but due to our mastery over senses and advancement in technology, we have become slave to bad habits. Everyone is aware of the fact that now- a- days people rely on medicines more than the signals sent by their bodies.E.g If someone  loves eating golgappas but develops acidity after eating them, person will prefer to take tab Rantac instead of stop eating golgappas. So, the process of acidity continues and can lead to peptic/gastric ulcer and later on to heart burn, oesophagitis and  sometimes changes of cancer in the ulcer can take place. Similarly, Alcohol, tobacco, gutkha are other glaring examples of misuse by human beings. Mostly our body gives us signals of problem but we as human beings tend to ignore them. In some diseases like cancer of the cervix, premalignant conditions are present which can be detected by tests only. So, here comes the significance of health checks. Mostly people tell us that we are perfectly all right, why we need to have health checks. Problem is that average human being is not living consciously and hence is not able to know/understand the signals of the body or tends to ignore them. Atleast 10% of the females on health checks are diagnosed to have Gall stones. Gall stones if left for long time, can cause gall bladder infection, jaundice and GB cancer. So, it is imperative that we get health checks periodically so that important problems can be picked up and timely intervention can be done. Health checks provide the unique benefit of getting instructions on modifications in life style which is important to prevent chronic diseases like Hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, cancer etc. One get motivation to change when one listens from the specialist.