Tips for taking good care of your Back

  • May 02, 2019
  • Nayati_main

Twelve top tips to prevent back pain:

  1. Pillow under the knees: Sleeping on your back pressurises the spine. A pillow under your knees reduces 50% of the pressure by elevating the legs. Or sleep on either side.
  2. Back exercises: Do back and abdomen-strengthening exercises, five or six times a week, during your workout routine for a more flexible, stronger back.
  3. Increase Vitamin D and calcium intake: Deficiency of key substances is a common cause of back pain in adult years.
  4. High heels hurt: High-heel shoes are another cause of back pain. Wear heels of less than an inch.
  5. Maintain proper posture: Bad posture stresses your back, even changing the spine’s architecture. Standing or sitting, don’t slouch, but keep shoulders straight.
  6. Support your back: In an office chair or the car, sit erect with a cushion under your lower back for support, if required.
  7. Move around: While sitting or standing, don’t stay motionless for long; move around periodically. Standing continuously pressurises your spine.
  8. Stop smoking: Nicotine curbs blood flow to the spinal discs, cracking, drying or rupturing them. Smoking also lowers the blood’s oxygen supply, reducing nourishment to back muscles and tendons, making them vulnerable.
  9. Reduce the load: Heavy bags are bad for the back. Reduce their weight or keep shifting from one shoulder to the other. Use a trolley/bag with wheels, if possible.
  10. Avoid tight clothes: Tight trousers/belts hamper sitting, bending or walking, worsening back pain.
  11. Don’t keep wallets in back pockets: Overstuffed wallets in back pockets cause silent discomfort and cumulative back pain, particularly when driving. Avoid, or lighten their load.
  12. Lift properly: Never bend your waist when lifting heavy objects. Instead, bend the knees and then lift. If an extremely-heavy object needs to be moved, push instead of pulling it.