Department of Blood Transfusion and Blood Bank

Services Offered

The region’s first NABH certified Blood Bank, the department of Blood Transfusion Medicine at Nayati Multi Super Specialty Hospital (NMSSH) welcomes you to the world of SAFE BLOOD. We provide complete Blood Transfusion Solutions to the patients of Nayati and all other other hospitals. Our experienced team of Transfusion Medicine Doctors are trained in the best medical institutes to manage blood requirements of all categories of patients – from pregnant mothers and their unborn babies to the critical and sick elderly patients.

  • ABO Blood Grouping and Rh Typing
  • Detailed RH and Kell antigen typing – for pregnant females
  • Cross matching
  • Antibody screening
  • Antibody identification
  • Antibody titration
  • Coombs Testing – Direct and Indirect (e.g. hemolytic anemia, TTP)
  • Viral serology – ELISA and PCR for HIV, HBV and HCV
  • Blood Donation (18 – 65 years)
  • Blood/ plasma exchange
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy or blood letting (e.g. in polycythaemia vera).
  • Leukacytaphereisis
  • Thrombocytapheresis
  • Stem Cell harvesting, storage and transplantation
  • Photopheresis
  • PRP therapy (research protocol


Specialists working in Nayati’s blood bank use the most modern technology to perform both routine and specialized tests in transfusion services. These specialists used well established protocols to collect and prepare blood for medical procedures.

  • Automated blood donation
  • Robotic testing for blood grouping, cross-matching, Coombs testing, etc.
  • Robotic testing for infections like HIV, Hepatitis B &C
  • Special blood units for children using sterile connection device
  • High quality blood components
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