General Responsibilities:
MBBS, MD – Internal Medicine
Provides professional care according to established standards and procedures.
Assists in the administration by providing skills needed in directing, planning, implementing, evaluating, and coordinating the delivery of patient care in the OPD, in-patient and Emergency services.
Provide clinical services for referrals and in multidisciplinary care of patients.
Arrange for appropriate investigations to be carried out and formulate a differential diagnosis.
Responsible for review of investigation results, patient records etc. which arise as a consequence of clinical duties and prepare a management plan according to the diagnosis
Ensures the other care givers like junior medical staff and nurses understand the instructions
Process Responsibilities
Assists the Chief of Medical Services in the overall management of the department requirements
Is able to project department requirements.
Review and inform Chief of Medical Services regarding problems and needs, recommending changes in the policies and procedures.
Assist the ID consultant in Antibiotic use and infection control practices
Ensures compliance with Quality standards and prepares CMQ reports
Ensures compliance with accreditation standards
Identifies appropriate internal controls for department; provides mechanisms to monitor and enforce compliance.
Follows appropriate infection control practices

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