Dr. N. Sairam

Consultant - Neurology

MBBS - Minsk State Medical University, USSR, 1991 | Ph.D (Neurology) - Minsk State Medical University, USSR, 1994

Dr. N Sairam is a neurologist with over 2 decades of clinical experience. He has treated thousands of patients suffering from stroke, epilepsy, chronic headache, hypertension, dementia¸ migraine¸ spondylitis¸ Parkinson’s disease¸ nervous system epilepsy, etc.

Dr. N Sairam has always worked hard to provide top-end treatment to his patients. A kind human being, he always puts his patients’ interests before his. Dr. Sairam first carefully listens to his patients and then accordingly plans the best possible treatment. In such a long career, he has helped many patients and deal with different diseases of the brain effectively. That’s why he’s visited by patients not only from Delhi but NCR as well.