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Ms. Vani Ganapathi

Community Counselor


  • Vani Ganapathi is trained Psychologist with an experience of over 14 years. After obtaining degree in Psychology from the University of Allahabad, she has worked as a Counseling Psychologist and community counselor in India and the United Kingdom
  • During the course of her career, she has dealt with a wide range of mental health problems including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, psychosis, personality disorder, negative life events, bereavement, domestic violence, sexual, emotional, physical abuse and trauma
  • She has served people of all ages and cultural background in both individual and group settings


  • Community Counseling
  • Marital Counseling
  • Teenager Counseling

Accomplishments & Awards

  •  Worked for Sulabh International and other NGOs on various social upliftment activities
  • Worked with Institute for Social Democracy, wherein she has worked closely with domestic abuse victims among slum dwellers
  • She regularly consuls schools and other organizations seeking to enhance their effectiveness or the well-being of their members
  •  She has obtained certifications in para psychology subjects like Life Coach and NLP
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