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Dr. N Sairam

Consultant - Neurology
MBBS - Minsk State Medical University, USSR, 1991 | Ph.D. (Neurology) - Minsk State Medical University, USSR, 1994

Dr N Sairam is a neurologist with over 2 decades of clinical experience. He has treated thousands of patients suffering from stroke, epilepsy, chronic headache, hypertension, dementia, migraine, spondylitis, Parkinson’s disease, nervous system epilepsy, etc.

Dr N Sairam has always worked hard to provide top-end treatment to his patients. A kind human being, he always puts his patients’ interests before his. Dr Sairam first carefully listens to his patients and then accordingly plans the best possible treatment. In such a long career, he has helped many patients and deals with different diseases of the brain effectively. That’s why he’s visited by patients not only from Delhi NCR but other states as well.

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