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We’re here to assist you before, during and after your visit to our hospital. Find everything you need to make your visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


  • At Nayati, patients can meet world-class doctors in a few simple steps. 
  • Just click on the Request Appointment button on the website and you can meet doctors who are experienced and trustworthy. 
  • You can select the doctor by searching for their name, or location you want the consult in, or speciality/department. 
  • Once you fill in the details, our team will get back to you with the best available slot convenient to you and the doctor.
  • We also have a 24*7 call centre to assist in booking appointments. 
  • You can dial 1800 1800 565 where someone will help schedule appointments with doctors and also preventive health checks. 


  • It is the policy of Nayati Healthcare to provide access to care to all patients who match with the available resources.
  • Patients are admitted 24 hours through Emergency.
  • No patient is denied admission due to race, colour, ancestry, financial class, national origin.
  • IPD Admission desk helps the patient in admission process.
  • Photocopy of patient’s photo ID Card has to be provided at the time of admission.
  • Patients who are foreign nationals are requested to submit photocopy of valid passport.
  • All credit patients (Corporate, TPA etc.) require an authorization letter (in case of planned admission).
  • Acceptance of non-emergent admission and transfers to Nayati Medicity is made contingent upon verification of available services through Admitting Desk / Emergency Reception.
  • Patients requiring admission from Emergency need to have an admission request form filled. The admitting desk completes the admission process and patients are transported from Emergency to the assigned bed.
  • Access to healthcare services in Nayati is prioritised based on clinical needs.


  • Discharge Planning is an interdisciplinary, collaborative process across the continuum of care.
  • It is a clinical priority for all health care team members.
  • It involves the patient and/or significant other
  • Patients are regularly assessed for discharge needs.
  • The team of healthcare providers coordinates for a patients discharge.
  • Certain formalities need to be completed before the discharge. The payment needs to be cleared by the patient/attendants.
  • Discharge planning begins early during the stay of the patient and would approximately take 3-4 hours after the consultant has ordered discharge.
  • Clinical criteria for discharge are documented and a note of patients functional, medical status is made.
  • The Treating Physician records that the patient is ‘fit for discharge’.
  • Each patient is provided with a discharge summary on the day of discharge.
  • A feedback form regarding the services provided at Nayati Hospital before discharge, patient/attendant is requested to fill the form before leaving the hospital.

Rights and Responsibilities

  • The right to receive care appropriate to the patient’s needs consistent with the scope of the hospital.
  • The right to receive considerate care regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religious belief or age.
  • The right to know the name of the Physician who has the primary responsibility for coordinating care.
  • The right to receive information about the illness, treatment, prognosis and to have questions answered.
  • As and when appropriate to be educated about the medication, diet prevention and other aspects of the disease process including unanticipated outcome.
  • To be provided with privacy and confidentiality during examination or treatment.
  • The patients should be assured of the confidentiality of Medical Records and have the opportunity to approve or refuse the release of such information.
  • To receive counselling regarding the estimated cost of treatment and payment schedule at the time of admission as well as subsequently.
  • The patient can request a second opinion about the diagnosis or the treatment plan.
  • The patient can refuse a recommended treatment to the extent permitted by law and be informed about the medical consequences of refusal.
  • In case a transfer to another facility is required, patient to be provided complete explanation including alternatives to the transfer.
  • The right to have an interpreter if they do not understand explanations.

Empanelled TPAs for Mathura

A list of all the insurance companies that have tied up with Nayati Medicity to offer seamless care to our patients. 

  • Aditya Birla Ins. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Alankit Insurance TPA Ltd.
  • Anyuta TPA
  • Apollo Munich
  • Bajaj Allianz Gen Ins. Co.
  • Chola MS Gen. Ins. TPA
  • Cigna TTK TPA
  • Dedicated Health Service
  • Good Health TPA
  • Ericson Insurance TPA Pvt. Limited
  • Vipul Medcrop
  • Future Generali Total Ins. Solution
  • HDFC Ergo TPA
  • Health Insurance TPA
  • ICICI Lombard
  • Iffco Tokio TPA
  • Max Bupa TPA Ltd.
  • Medi Assist TPA
  • Medsave TPA Pvt Ltd
  • Paramount TPA
  • Park Mediclaim TPA Pvt. Ltd.
  • Raksha TPA Pvt Ltd
  • Reliance Gen. Insurance Co.
  • Religare Health Insurance Company Limited
  • Safeway TPA
  • Star Health TPA
  • Universal Sompo Gen. Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • International Sos
  • AMA Global Assistance (International)
  • Asia Rescue And Medical Services
  • Health India

Empanelled TPAs for Agra

A list of all the insurance companies that have tied up with Nayati Hospital, Agra to offer seamless care to our patients. 

  • Aditya Birla Ins. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Chola MS Gen. Ins. TPA
  • Ericson Insurance TPA Pvt. Limited
  • Future Generali Total Ins. Solution
  • HDFC Ergo TPA
  • ICICI Lombard
  • Park Mediclaim TPA Pvt. Ltd.
  • AMA Global Assistance (International)
  • Good Health TPAs
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