The Emergency Medicine & Trauma Department at Nayati functions 24*7 and handles life-threatening conditions, as well as relatively minor injuries with all age group including paediatric and neonatal, that requires immediate attention. The department has a fleet of ambulances ready with an experienced team of doctors and paramedical staff, equipped to treat trauma, brain attack, heart attack and other emergencies. Our team is also skilled in providing efficient and protocol driven care within the ‘Golden Hour. ‘We care for patients through their recovery and rehabilitation, providing optimal care and promoting prevention of further injury. Dedicated team of doctors including Neurosurgeon, cardiology, neurologist, critical care specialist and paediatric critical care specialist are available 24/7 to take care of all life threatening conditions.

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You can call us at 7088565565 or 7055704751

Please call us at 7088565565 or 7055704751 and call the ambulance


Yes. You can call us at 7088565565 and book an appointment

We will provide you will the entire case summary including all the documents which you can use for your 2nd opinion.

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