Patient Rights And Responsibilities

Patient Rights

  • The right to receive care appropriate to the patient’s needs consistent with the scope of the hospital.
  • The right to receive considerate care regardless of race, gender, ethnicity,religious belief or age.
  • The right to know the name of the Physician who has the primary responsibility for coordinating care.
  • The right to receive information about the illness, treatment, prognosis and to have questions answered.
  • As and when appropriate to be educated about the medication, diet prevention and other aspects of the disease process including unanticipated outcome.
  • To be provided with privacy and confidentiality during examination or treatment.
  • The patients should be assured of the confidentiality of Medical Record and have the opportunity to approve or refuse the release of such information.
  • To receive counselingregarding the estimated cost of treatment and payment schedule at the time of admission as well as subsequently.
  • The patient can request a second opinion about the diagnosis or the treatment plan.
  • The patient can refuse a recommended treatment to the extent permitted

    bylaw & be informed about the medical consequences of refusal.

  • In case a transfer to another facility is required,patient to be provided complete explanation including alternatives to the transfer.
  • The right to have interpreter if they do not understand explanations.

Patient Responsibilities

  • Patients have the responsibility to keep the appointments, be on time for the appointment and to call your doctor / hospital if you cannot adhere to the appointment timing.
  • Patients have the responsibility to provide complete and accurate information about current and past illness, medications, and other matters pertaining to your health.
  • Patient have the responsibility to follow the treatment plan recommended by your doctor.
  • Patients have the responsibility to actively participate in his/her pain management plan and keep his/her doctors and nurses informed of the effectiveness of your treatment.
  • Patients are responsible for his/her own action if he/she refuse treatment or do not follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • Patients have the responsibility to take care of their belongings.
  • Patients have the responsibility to treat all hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect.
  • Patient have the responsibility to pay the bills in timely manner.
  • Patient have responsibility to understand all instructions before signing the consent forms.
  • Patients have responsibility to report the issues, complaints or concerns that may affect his/her care.
  • Patients have the responsibility to follow the Rules and Regulations of the Hospital.