Patient Safety

A proactive component of the Patient Safety program includes ongoing measurement and periodic analysis.

Implementation of processes incorporates patient safety principles and following are taken into consideration:

  • Patient Rights.
  • Patient/Family Education.
  • Patient Assessment.
  • Continuum of Care.
  • Care of the Patients.
  • Leadership.
  • Infection Control.
  • Management of the Environment of Care.

Methods to assure improvement of staff competence and support to an interdisciplinary approach to patient care is accomplished by:

  • Providing ongoing education, including reporting mechanisms through trainings.
  • Evaluating staff knowledge on a regular basis.

The other important aspects emphasized are:

  • Leadership Commitment- Our leadership has defined safety as a priority in strategic planning.
  • Patient Safety Education – Ongoing patient safety education regarding National patient Safety Goals is imparted to the staff.
  • Environmental safety:
    1. Fire fighting devices such as sprinklers, smoke detectors, extinguishers, etc are installed in the hospital.
    2. Personal protective equipment are provided to the staff.
    3. Belts are available in stretchers and wheelchairs.