21 March, 2020

Sharma K, Sharma M, Narang S, Mani RK, Prakasam KR, Goyal J and Agrawal A. Post ERCP Pancreatitis: A Endoscopist’s Night Mare! An Insight with Literature Review.J Liver Res DisordTher 2016, 2(5): 00036. ERCP pancreatitis is a serious complication of Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreaticography that, at the minimum, prolongs hospital stay and, in rare cases, causes serious morbidity and death. The potential for risk reduction has therefore been the matter of extensive research. Rectal Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) were found to be appropriate for clinical use. Pancreatic Duct (PD) stent placement is currently considered the standard of care in high-risk cases.

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