India not a country to die in IJME 16

21 March, 2020

The Indian Journal of Medical Ethics (formerly Issues in Medical Ethics) is a platform for discussion on healthcare ethics, with special reference to the problems of developing countries such as India. It hopes to involve all cadres of, and beneficiaries from, this system, and strengthen the hands of those with ethical values and concern for the underprivileged. The Journal is owned and published by the Forum for Medical Ethics Society, a not-for-profit, voluntary organisation. The FMES was born out of an effort by a group of concerned doctors to focus attention on the need for ethical norms and practices in health care. Contributions to the journal, in the form of original papers, research findings, experiences in the field, case studies, debates, news and views on medical ethics, are welcome. All submissions must be in English and are subject to editorial review. Contributors are requested to refer to the detailed guidelines for submission available on the journal website, Printed and published by Sanjay Nagral on behalf of the Forum for Medical Ethics Society Printed at Vibha Offset, Royal Industrial Estate, Wadala, Mumbai 400 031 Layout by Parkar Arts, India Printing House, 42, G.D. Ambekar Marg, Wadala, Mumbai 400031 Published at FMES, 0-18, ‘Bhavna’, Veer Savarkar Marg Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025

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