Level and determinants of precancerous symptoms of cervical cancer in unscreened population of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, India: A pilot study

21 March, 2020

Problem considered: Cervical cancer, mainly caused by human papillomavirus infection, is one of the most frequent cancers in women in the developing world including India. The present study attempts to explore the risk factors related to symptoms of cervical cancer. Materials and methods:A total of 1319 females of age groups ranging from 14 years to 85 years were included in the present study and analyzed for symptoms and risk factors for cervical cancer. Results: The prevalence of painful micturition, white discharge per vagina, and pelvic pain in the age group 25–44 years was found to be 22.1%, 21%, and 8%, respectively, and the distribution of symptoms was statistically associated ( p < 0.05) with age.

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