The Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation looks at the overall well-being of a patient by addressing their underlying physical issues, particularly those related to movement and mobility. The department helps people maintain, restore and maximise their physical strength, function and motion. The process involves maximizing the functional potential of an individual with disease, dysfunction or injury & also facilitates health promotion, lifestyle modification & fitness training. The physiotherapy services are provided in the intensive care unit, In Patient Department (IPD) and Out Patient Department (OPD). Patient & family education being an integral component of the management process, a discharge counselling session is given to all our In patients. These services are divided into a number of areas of specialisation, each supervised by teams of physiotherapists.

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Patient can come directly to the Physiotherapy Department for the consultation & the treatment after registration from the front desk.

Diagnostic tests are not always necessary. If any diagnostic tests are needed, it will be decided after the initial consultation with the Physiotherapist or the referring consultant.

Yes, a patient can avail of Physiotherapy services referred from doctors outside Nayati, as well walk in directly. Patient must carry all relevant medical records / investigation procedures reports like X-rays films, CT-Scan, MRI reports, blood Investigations so the doctor can have a better understanding of the patient's condition.

It is advisable to wear comfortable & loose fitting clothes. Tight Clothes should not be worn. 

Sessions of Physiotherapy depend on the patient's condition and the treatment protocol decided. An average Physiotherapy session lasts about 30 minutes – 45 minutes.

We have a well-qualified team which looks after all the patients. All the patients are treated under proper supervision.

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